Elite JFK travelers get pampered by American Airlines

American Airlines is now offering PriorityAAccess privileges to its top customers at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

"We are delighted that our implementation of PriorityAAccess is now complete, and we offer its entire array of enhancements to our premium customers at JFK," said Brian Troy, American's Managing Director for its Terminal 8 at JFK. "PriorityAAccess is making the entire airport process and travel experience more convenient for these top customers – at the ticket counter, at security checkpoints, and at the gate."

With PriorityAAccess, American's AAdvantage elite status members, First and Business Class travelers, AAirpass customers, and passengers traveling on full-fare Economy Class tickets receive more control and enjoy an easier journey when they travel with dedicated PriorityAAccess check-in, security screening lanes (where available), and exclusive boarding lanes at the gate. Self-service international check-in and international curbside check-in are available at Terminal 8.

The improvements for American Airlines travelers look like they'll cut quite a bit of the frustration out of flying when they stick to JFK. Combine that with two new lounges for elites in Terminal 8, and flying (possibly) looks like it could be a good experience again.

The new terminal also has extensive shopping, with a massive 49 shops and restaurants. Some of those are very New York City, with Abitino's Pizza, O'Neals', and Brooklyn National Deli represented. Some more euro-centric eateries are Vino Volo, Juan Valdez Cafe, and Euro Pan. Luxury shopping includes Tumi, Hugo Boss, Lacoste and Estee Lauder.

Improvements at JFK's Terminal 8

Following is a summary of American's PriorityAAccess benefits at JFK. These benefits are available to First and Business Class customers; AAdvantage Executive Platinum, AAdvantage Platinum, and AAdvantage Gold members; AAirpass customers; oneworld Alliance Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby members; and customers traveling on full-fare Economy Class tickets, which are booked in American's "Y" ticket category.

PriorityAAccess Check-In



PriorityAAccess customers enjoy their own dedicated check-in area at the ticket counter with distinctive signage clearly identifying PriorityAAccess lines. In addition, "PriorityAAccess" is printed on boarding passes, designating travelers as American's top customers. American will offer PriorityAAccess check-in areas at all of the airports it serves worldwide.

PriorityAAccess Security Screening

At Terminal 8, American offers exclusive PriorityAAccess security screening lanes. Like the dedicated check-in lines, PriorityAAccess screening lanes are clearly marked with special signage. Currently, American is establishing PriorityAAccess screening lanes at its 10 largest airports, as well as in other airports where permitted by the TSA.

In addition to JFK, these airports will have exclusive PriorityAAccess security screen lanes: Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Chicago O'Hare (ORD), Miami (MIA), Los Angeles (LAX), New York La Guardia (LGA), St. Louis (STL), San Francisco (SFO), Boston (BOS) and San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU).

PriorityAAccess Boarding Lanes

To further enhance convenience for its top customers, American offers dual boarding lanes at its departure gates at JFK – one for PriorityAAccess customers and one for general boarding. Customers with PriorityAAccess privileges are invited to board first or board at any time through their exclusive PriorityAAccess lane, which allows them to bypass lines after general boarding has begun.

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