Forbidden City - The Imperial Palace, Beijing

The Gate of Supreme Harmony at the Forbidden City in Beijing, China

When traveling to Beijing, China, a great time can be had by venturing to the Forbidden City also known as the Imperial Palace or the Palace Museum. Located at the center of Beijing, it is the worlds largest palace. As you wander around, you can see the moat and the ten meter high walls that surround the Palace. Or if you desire, maybe you can take the time to discover the 9,999 rooms that are in the palace.

It is truly amazing to look at the structures that were built over 600 years ago as the palace was completed in 1407. Since the royal families occupied it until 1924 it is filled with the most amazing rare treasures and artifacts, showing a great history of China. With the incredible size of the Forbidden Palace, one can get lost in the history for an entire vacation.



Photo credit: thewamphyri on flickr

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I had absolutely no idea either before Jeff wrote this up. Just wish I could have found some better photos of the Forbidden City. Lots of greyish shots like this of the outside because of the notorious Beijing smog... and the inside shots show some gorgeous details.

Jack on 08 December, 2009

That is an amazing structure, I did not know that was the largest in the world.

Thanks for sharing

Chris on 08 December, 2009



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