The PERFECT travel accessory

Giant Swiss Army KnifeWhile some of you may prefer the sleek utilitarianism of a Leatherman tool, I prefer to bring every tool possible along in a 'swelte' 4 lbs package from Wenger Swiss Army. It's a great fit for my carryon bag*.

The Wenger Swiss Army Giant Knife has every tool included that's ever been used on a Swiss Army knife, meaning that I can access all those necessary gadgets at the flip-out of a blade in less than 3 minutes. It takes time to go through all those options, after all.

This thing is made of an amazing 500 pieces and carries 85 tools with over 100 functions. This means that I can fix my touring bicycle or fix that golf divot or use the torch or light up the laser flashlight or even scale fish with it. And the list goes on.

As the copy on Amazon says, once this tool sits on your mantelpiece, you've achieved greatness. However, if you bring it traveling, you will certainly achieve fame**.

If you prefer something a little more pocket friendly, there's a whole range of Swiss Army Knifes over at Amazon as well.



* No, not at all
** You'll be laughed out of your hostel

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Guessing this is a funny kind of post. Pocket-size Giant Knife...for traveling LOL. might be good for a hunting lodge, but thats about it

Dmitry on 18 November, 2011



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