Kayak launches new low airfare finding tools

Visit Kayak.com for low airfaresOn the heels of me stating that the current airfare sales won't last, Kayak.com launches 3 new improvements in their search tools to help you get a lower fare. These tools are a new low fares calendar, improved airfare email alerts, and the 'toolbox'.

New low fares calendar

Now when you search for a flight on Kayak.com, you put in your:

  1. Kayak's low fares calendarDeparture airport
  2. Arrival airport
  3. And the new low fares calendar will show up with the low fares clearly displayed



What you'll find is that the airfare can vary by hundreds of dollars (or whatever currency you're using) depending on which day of the week you're flying. This is great if you're able to be flexible with your dates.

Updated fare alerts

Kayak.com's fare alerts were a bit restrictive before, but now you can also set them for options like non-stop flights only, cabin selection, or one way flights. The new fare alerts are much better suited for all travelers now.

Improved toolbox

The Kayak site has some useful tools available, but before now they could be difficult to locate. By moving them to the top of your left-hand menu on the search results pages, these tools can now be used immediately. So if you're a fan of the airfare trending tool or like to share the bargain with a friend, that's now easier to do.

More cheap flights tips

Check out this article for a big list of cheap flights tips. I'd also appreciate hearing from you about how you've managed to save money on flights lately. Are there any new tricks out there?

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