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Twenty years ago, visiting Hayes Valley in San Francisco would have been a joke. At that time, it was full of seedy residents and drug problems. However, in the past years, Hayes Valley has developed into an area rich in culture that draws tourists from far away. Although the area was known as a red-light district, and could have been considered ‘skid row’ sort of area, it has blossomed into a chic urban area with shops and dining that the local residents enjoy as well as the many tourists that come to enjoy the Hayes Valley area.



For tourists who like to meander around the area, Octavia Boulevard is the place to be. It has recently been developed and widened and hosts retail space as well as houses. The walk is scenic and can be enjoyed after a leisurely lunch at one of Hayes Valley’s eateries. Although the area offers many dining options, one of the most popular places to go is the Crepe House on 429 Gough Street. This French inspired restaurant offers a bright place for tourists to enjoy meal crepes such as the Cannelloni which features mushrooms, ricotta, marinara, and eggplant. They also offer many dessert crepes and the Nutella crepe is a house favorite. In addition, there are salads and sandwiches offered.

Any trip to Hayes Valley would not be complete without stopping at one of the many shops. The Thread Lounge is a popular clothing store with a chic urban appeal. It offers sample sales from designers such as Lewis Cho as well as many others. The clothing is highly discounted and definitely worth the visit.

These are just a few places that stand out in Hayes Valley, but there are many more shops, restaurants, and galleries that are worth the visit. For a comprehensive guide to the area’s attractions, more information can be found on the area’s website, and the information is kept up to date. Enjoy!

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