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Today, many tourists, students and professionals explore different places around the world. May it be for a holiday, job or new life but traveling out of the country has become more affordable and enjoyable.



While you plan your travel, you may miss out few things to carry or may be unaware of the rules in the new country. However big or important your vacation is, you cannot afford to forget these important tips that can make or break your trip. There are social, cultural, climate and certain other differences that you will encounter face in another country. Therefore, follow the below tips to plan well before you travel out of your country.


Don’t forget to call your flight operator and confirm regarding luggage rules. You may plan to carry your best things but you can miss your flight if you don’t follow proper rules when packing your bags. Some countries do not allow perishable food items on flights. Carry only what’s needed like clothes and basic items. Most other things can be purchased abroad as well as at home.

Your identity

Your passport or driver’s license can be presented as your proof identity whenever demanded by any authority. There are several times when you might be asked to supply it, so do not mix these documents with your other luggage.

Keep in touch

With so many calling services offering the choice of international phone cards, you can stay in touch with your friends and family while you are traveling overseas or settling down there permanently.

Foreign languages

A translation dictionary can always be helpful. You may learn simple words and the basic language of the country where you are going.

Foreign food & culture

It is no harm in changing your food habits or tasting the foreign food, provided it suits your health and diet. Get yourself to understand and accept the foreign culture as it requires time. One of your necessary attempts should be to start making new friends. 

Stay safe

Stay away from the dangers around you. Don't carry huge amounts of cash, gold, or anything obviously expensive while going out. Do not talk in open about religion or politics topics.

Free activities

The local newspapers are the best source to give you information about events and news in your area. Many cities also have freesheets that you can pick up by public transport hubs. We recommend you take part in these events if you can, it’s a great way to experience local life. List down the best places and hangouts that you can visit during your free time.

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I especially like the point you make about language. This is the most reliable method to get you to connect with a new culture. Learning how to communicate (even on the most basic level) makes you feel safe, comfortable, and more in sync with the locals.

Tyler Muse at Lingo Live on 18 November, 2013



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