Top things to do when visiting Brazil

Samba dancer in Brazil

Brazil is one of South America’s most vibrant and spectacular countries, with a heartbeat and rhythm all its own. From thumbing live samba bands in the street and the hot raw spirit of capoeira everywhere, to the beautiful Amazon Rainforest and its vast Pantanal  – Brazil is a holiday destination that is not for the faint hearted.

We have complied a list of unmissable things to do whilst you are travelling within Brazil, which are a simple must for anyone wanting to soak up the true nature of this wonderful country.

Dance the Samba

When you get out into Brazil’s major cities such as Rio de Janerio and Salvador, you can hear the heartbeat of the samba all around y. Huge bands of around 20 people will be banging all manner of drums, to create a hugely deafening beat that will have you shaking your hips and bumping that bootie!



There are many samba schools dotted around all over Brazil if you fancy having a go at playing some of the legendary samba yourself.

Practicing Capoeira moves on the beach

Watch Capoeira

Capoeira is the age old martial art/dance of Brazil that originated when it was used as part of the slave trade back in 17th century. Slaves were brought over to North Brazil from Angola in West Africa, where they would be put to work on plantations. Capoeira was invented by the slaves, as a way of practising fighting techniques that looked like dancing to any onlookers.

Today, Capoeira is still very much alive in the Afro-Brazillian culture and is practised by foreigners and locals alike. Along with the soul nurturing music that accompanies capoeira training and rodas (fighting circles) it is a great snap shot into the history that made Brazil the country it is today.

A Brazilian Churrasco / Barbecue

Eat Brazilian food

Brazilian cuisine is always fresh, tasty and never boring! With the majority of the population living on the country’s vast coast line, the seafood in Brazil is simply to die for. Many places grilling all manners of fresh fish, caught only a few hours ago. With their famous rice and beans that is served at nearly every meal, you’ll be hassling the locals for the recipe so you can make it again when you go back home – believe me it’s a taste you will miss and will want to replicate!

Alligator in the Pantanal, Brazil

Wildlife excursions

Of course one of the main things people come to Brazil for is a chance to try and glimpse some of it’s fantastic wildlife, that can be found no other place on earth. The Amazon rainforest is the biggest rainforest in the world spanning over four countries in South America in total. With all manner of tropical birds, plants, monkeys, panthers, crocodiles and snakes to be found here, you’ll be overwhelmed as you trek through one of the most enchanting and ‘alive’ places in the world.

The Pantanal located in the west of Brazil is also the world’s largest swamp area. Here you will also find a plethora of animals that make this vast landscape its home.

Brazil is one of the best countries to travel through in the world, with a people as warm and friendly as the sunshine itself! Just make sure you brush up your Portuguese before you go!

Photos by Team at Studios (1), United Nations Photo (2), Murilo Cardoso (3), and Tambako The Jaguar (4) on flickr

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