War Junkie by Jon Steele

War Junkie book coverA rough ride through some of the worst things to happen in modern times is what Jon Steele serves up in this book. And he should know, he was there after all to document it all with his TV camera. From his start at ITN (Independent Television News, a British TV news channel) in 1991 to his emotional collapse at Heathrow Airport in 1994 we get to look over his shoulder to see what the camera lens sees. And we get to look into Jon's head and shower ourselves in his thoughts on the things in front of that lens.

Strongly subjective in its viewpoint, the book nonetheless careers through the theaters of slaughter that made news during those years: Bosnia, former Soviet republics, Rwanda, Jugoslavia, and Russia itself under the revolt against Jeltsin. We find out that there was much hidden from our view and much evil that could have been prevented if our politicians and media would have given a damn. We also find out that some things in those places was just plain evil and deranged. How there was someone to blame in the insanity of Rwanda.



"War Junkie" will certainly make you feel sick to your stomach, to be upset, but it will also make you laugh out loud. For short moments you even wish that it was you and not Jon Steele in those places living a great adventure. There are moments and people of beauty and good in this book, hidden among the ugly and malevolent.

The book is an instant classic, and should be read by every international studies scholar, soldier, and foreign aid worker in the world. Journalists should be quizzed on its contents. Read it.

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