Website tip: is a unique day-of-flight service designed to help airline travelers get to their flight on time. With more than 4.5 million passengers traveling this Thanksgiving holiday, you're probably headed for the airport as well. While passenger numbers are down about 10% on last year, the flight staking off are fewer as well, meaning they'll be more packed than ever. This means that for you, a missed flight is a missed Thanksgiving holiday.

If you're traveling, you should expect full parking lots, longer check-in and security lines, and busy terminals.



For Thanksgiving and otherwise, AeroChannel's distinctive "How Long will It Take" functionality gives you an easy-to-read timeline to help you make it to the gate on time.

"AeroChannel is all about getting you to your flight. We give you traffic, parking, check-in, and security times," says AeroChannel founder Sheppard Kaufman. "Our site is about helping the traveler make their airport experience as smooth and informed as possible. We offer features like 'Keep Me Updated' which lets users get e-mail updates about their flight and airport conditions."

AeroChannel will be providing detailed coverage of the major U.S. airports throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. Those updates are available from the website.

AeroChannel's coverage comes from a variety of sources including AeroChannel's on-site airport staff, data feeds, and AeroChannel Tipsters. "Our system can cover any airport in the world, but we don't have people on the ground in every location, so the AeroChannel user community is a great resource for us and each other. We love hearing from our Tipsters," says Mr. Kaufman.

Don't just make sure your flight's on time; make sure you're on time. With real-time updates at select major airports throughout the holiday weekend, AeroChannel will help you reach your destination with plenty of time to spare.

This is a very useful site. Just plug in your airport, airline, and flight number in the handy boxes on the homepage, and you're presented with a breakdown of how long it'll take you to reach the gate.

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