Why you shouldn't fall in love with girls or guys who travel

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It’s one of those aged old chestnuts that often finds a lot of us in a rather torn situation at some point in our lives – falling in love with someone who is a traveller.



Although it is easy to say from an outside perspective that falling in love with these types of vagabonds is not a good idea, no good will come from you trying to form a lasting relationship with these people. Our advice would be just to not bother in the first place!

Apart from them be constantly transient and never in the same place for more than a week at a time, have they had other qualities that just do not make them reliable or “safe” people to invest any future in.

As jaded as it sounds, we have created a list below of reasons why falling in love with a traveller is just not a good idea. Not only will we save you a lot of heart ache but it will also save you a lot of time – so you can go check out a few more temples and beaches rather than nursing a broken heart over a bottle of Sake!


They may seem like a “free spirit” and that’s what attracts a lot of people to the travelling type, however when you take off the rose tinted spectacles there just unreliable individuals that you have no business falling in love with. Not a good foundation for any real relationship.


Don’t ever try to cage the travelling beast – as you won’t win and you’ll get bitten in the process. Trying to tie this sort of person down goes against everything there trying to do and will only result in you finding yourself with a ‘Dear John” letter in the morning – so don’t waste your time!


You know them – with their natty dreadlocks, unwashed shrongs, flea ridden backpacks and stinky armpits. If there’s one good reason not to get with a traveller it would be that the majority of them have very low standards in personal hygiene – do you really want to wake up next to that first thing in the morning?!

You'll get your heart broken

In conclusion, they’ll break your heart and be half way to Kathmandu before you have the chance to hunt them down for an explanations or a reason why. Our advice would be just to not even bother in the first place, share a few drinks with them and then get the hell out of there – before it’s too late!

Contrary to our former point, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun and live in the moment with your new found travelling soul mate. Enjoy every second with them and always keep in mind the wise old saying that “Nothing Gold Last Forever”.

This is a very tongue in cheek post as you can gather no one can help who they fall for and the very nature of travellers makes them very lovable and awesome people. But, take the points raised here as a precursor and a warning if you do find yourself all googerly-eyed over a fellow traveller. Keep things in perspective and realise that your time together will have an expiry date.

Or maybe he/she is your perfect partner

You’re both in a beautiful exotic place and the memories you make together will remain with you forever – after all isn’t that what travelling the world is all about? And besides – some fairytales do come true, we’re just adding a dash of reality and perspective for you so you don’t lose sight of your romantic travelling interludes.

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