Wilbur D. May Museum, Reno, Nevada

Exhibit at the Wilbur D May Museum

There are many wonderful attractions to be seen in Reno, Nevada, but one you don’t want to miss is the Wilbur D. May Museum, part of the Wilbur D. May Center located in beautiful Rancho San Rafael Regional Park. A visit to the Wilbur D. May Museum is both educational and fun. The museum is an attraction that appeals to all ages and is open year-round.

Wilbur D. May was a rancher, local adventurer, world traveler, pilot, and philanthropist born in 1898. The museum features priceless collectibles and antiques that May gathered from the over 40 trips he took around the world. His collection boasts such pieces as primitive African artwork, Egyptian scarab figures, Greek icons, Tang dynasty pottery, and shrunken heads from South America, among much more. When you visit the Wilbur D. May Museum, you can also view a recreation of the living room, trophy room, and tack room from May’s Double Diamond Ranch. There are also changing exhibits about various subjects.

The Wilbur D. May Museum is a terrific way to travel back to a different place as well as a different time. If you’re planning a trip to Reno, Nevada, make sure to include an afternoon exploring the museum in your itinerary. You won’t want to miss seeing the wildlife dioramas or Inuit scrimshaws! A trip to the Wilbur D. May Museum is always an adventure.

Wilbur D. May Museum address and hours

Wilbur D. May Museum
Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
1595 N. Sierra
Reno, Nevada

Summer hours for the museum are 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday, and noon - 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.



Photo by RenoTahoe on flickr

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