Zagreb City Museum

Artworks exhibited at Zagreb City Museum

Situated in the city of Zagreb in Croatia, a place that reeks of history, the Zagreb City Museum (Muzej Grada Zagreba in Croatian) is the custodian of more than 75,000 items that symbolize the city’s history. The Museum is a place where the history of the Zagreb city is showcased in a comprehensive manner as visitors get to view exhibits that date to the different chapters of the city’s history including the Stone and Roman Ages.

The Museum is extremely visitor-friendly in the tours that it arranges. It makes extensive use of modern day technology like digitized archives, and multimedia tours to help visitors see Zagreb’s history unfold before their eyes. Through its interactive tours the museum reaches out to people of all age groups and, in a rare feat for a museum, succeeds in getting young people interested in history. The place caters to architecture lovers as well through the models it exhibits which recreate the famous buildings of the city.

Zagreb City Museum address and hours



Opatička 20
Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: +385 (0)1 48 51 361

Open Tue-Wed, Fri 10am-6pm; Thu 10am-10pm

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