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The beach at Arembepe

Arembepe, Brazil. Long before Alex Garland wrote "The Beach", travelers have been searching for that dream tropical paradise. Everyone has their own candidate but one that consistently crops up when you talk to experienced wanderers is Arembepe on the east coast of Brazil. Situated about 50 kilometers north of Salvador this small enclave has been attracting seasoned travelers for years. In the 70s it was the home to the first hippie settlement in Brazil and still maintains many of the attractions that drew the youngsters here decades ago.

Arembepe lives up to the hippie ideal as a secluded spot rich in nature and a truly peaceful place in which to hang up you sandals, kick back and relax. It’s rustic - small huts made of wood and grass, and lacks electricity, but for many who make the pilgrimage here, that is part of the attraction. It also lacks traffic as access is on foot, which adds to the tranquility. With palm trees for shade, sandy beaches and sheltered bathing this is a picture-postcard tropical retreat. Throw in the stunning seafood, the odd hippie festival and some of the nicest folk you will ever meet, and you have a serious contender for Paradise on Earth. It's definitely one of the places where you go just to check it out but end up staying for much longer. The lazy routine of the place sucks you in as rest and relaxation become the order of the day. The hippies of the seventies knew what they were doing when the settled here.

Photo by Samory Santos on flickr

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