City guide to Charleston (South Carolina)

Introduction to Charleston (South Carolina)

The Charleston Battery Park

Charleston is a great place to come to escape those chilly winter months for a while, offering comfortable temperatures throughout the winter. Soak up some of its infectious southern charm and culture, and get a real sense of history in the oldest city in the region. There is so much to do that it is wise to plan ahead a little as your visit will undoubtedly be jam packed, especially if you are coming during the Christmas period.

Arthur Ravanel Jr. Bridge

This incredible feat of engineering will have you stunned, and the views over the water are second to none. Even by night this bridge is a sight for sore eyes, boasting impressive complimentary lighting which shows it off perfectly. The bridge is poised over the beautiful Ashley Cooper River, and if you want a different angle to view the bridge, you can even take a boat trip along the river sailing beneath it.

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Charleston Waterfront Park

Right beside the harbour this is a lovely place to come and relax, peaceful and serene you can while away the hours with ease. You can sit on a swing bench, and from here you can take a path that goes around the whole peninsular. You can see some great sea birds such as Pelicans, and you may even get to see dolphins playing in the water if you are lucky!

This place is always adorned with a sweet breeze and accompanied by the sun glistening off the water. Around the park there are also some great shopping opportunities, with lots of local traditional Charleston goods you can buy. This is also a fantastic area to dine in, and over Christmas you will find lots of local children out, smiling and singing carols, which can’t fail to warn the heart and put you in a great mood.

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Sound of Charleston

Charleston is famous for its vast wealth of musical culture and history, and here you can explore it, and of course experience it first-hand. The performances here are renowned for being incredible, along with fascinating anecdotes and stories of the history behind the music. You will hear lots about the struggle of the civil war, and hear some of the enthralling music it inspired.

Set in the 17th century church, you sit on the pews for the concerts, which makes it all the more intimate. The high roof creates a luscious indulgent natural reverb that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end. Whichever performance you choose to come and see here, it will no doubt be captivating. It is such a journey hearing this music performed by the people here, knowing it has been played through the generations.

Charleston is just a lovely city, retaining a friendly communal feel you would imagine it has had for hundreds of years. You instantly feel at home, and the wonderful thick southern drawl which the people here speak in is almost hypnotic, like a warm embrace. This is a city that will leave you wanting to come back again and again.

Photo by Tyler.Meyer on flickr

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