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Crystal Cave of the Giants, Mexico
An amazing, and mostly inaccessible, cave system in Chihuahua, Mexico. If you're lucky, you may get to see the world's largest crystals.

3 healthy Mexican travel tips
It's easy to get ill while travelling around Mexico. The bacteria is different and the food is very spicy. Here are three tips to stay healthy while visiting Mexico.

Changing Mexican travel plans
Currently it looks like my trip to Mexico could be interesting. Not only is Mr Lopez Obrador messing with his country's election, he's messing with my travel plans.

Practical information about Mexico

Etiquette in Mexico

Dining etiquette

  • Don't leave the table immediately after you finish eating
  • Drinking to excess is frowned upon in Mexico, especially when done by women
  • Always keep both hands above the table

General etiquette

  • Get accustomed to people standing close to you
  • It's OK to be late to a social engagement. In fact, you should be late, or you'll wait for hours for others to arrive

Towns and cities in Mexico

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