Aloksak waterproof bags

Using plastic shopping bags to pack various items in your bags is an old trick to keep things separated.

The problem with shopping bags is they're not actually waterproof or very tough. In fact, the best thing about them is that they're plentiful and free. Shopping bags will quite happily let your broken shampoo bottle leak all over your clothes.

Sometimes, you really do need a waterproof and well sealed bag for your stuff.

These bags appear, look, and feel very similar to regular zip lock bags, but they're actually quite different. In fact, they're certified waterproof by none other than the US Navy. True to the advertisement they really are totally waterproof, lightweight, and easy to pack.

Aloksak bags can be used for a number of things besides securely storing your liquids - there's a quart-size bag available that meets TSA requirements for carry-on baggage.

  • You can stuff clothing into the bags and suck the air out to make things smaller. This really works quite well
  • Make a travel pillow. Inflate a bag about halfway, close it up and wrap and put it inside a fleece to make an improvised pillow



There is a good range of sizes available. The multipack linked below has a 12"x12" bag, one 6"x9", and two smaller bags that work well for keeping electronic gadgets safe from the elements. Each of those sized can also be bought in 3-packs.

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Not sure you've used the same bags as me then. They've been pretty useful and haven't leaked at all for me, including getting a camera dropped in the sea while in one of the smaller bags.

Jack on 28 March, 2011

"Sometimes, you really do need a waterproof and well sealed bag for your stuff."

Then you don't want to buy Aloksak products as they are the poorest quality you could imagine. The top seams rips practically just by looking at it. I wouldn't rely on these to keep anything dry.

Craig Martin on 27 March, 2011



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