Bubbafest Bike Tour, Florida

Bubbafest bike tour was started by Bubba Baron and it's named after him too. It is a 200 mile long bicycle biking tour through Florida for one week. Priced at around $600, a single tour is limited to about 100 to 125 participants. Registration is done at Key Largo which is 42 miles away from Miami. Bubbafest tour offers enjoying biking on the side lanes of Overseas Highway at a rate of 45 miles per day. It covers 42 bridges on its way from Key Largo to Key West and back.



On its way, bikers enjoy wonderful Florida Keys weather, Atlantic Ocean, amazing scenic beauty, Mexico Gulf and hippie attitude. Bicycles are available to be hired on spot in case one has not brought his own. For bikers who get tired and need break, support vehicles are provided. The whole Bubbafest bike tour is offered as package that includes tent lodging, dinners, breakfasts, Key West trolley tour, beach parties, and the biking fun ride.

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