Chirripo National Park, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Chirripó National Park is a great place to visit for tourists who don't mind some serious hiking. The park is home to Cerro Chirripó, the country's highest mountain. If you are able to make it to the top of the mountain, you'll see spectacular views of of both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. If you're not sure you can handle mountain climbing, the park has many other things to offer.



There is a huge variety of vegetation to be admired at Chirripó National Park. Many plants there can only grow in high elevations and can only be seen in a few other places in the world. You'll also be able to admire animals as well as types of fungi and insects that are protected inside the park. This is definitely a great way to see what the nature of Costa Rica truly has to offer.

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Not sure how that's relevant to the park, but awesome video nonetheless.

Jack on 12 April, 2010

The Costa Rican National Capoeira team demonstrated their competitive abilities in a world-class demonstration for the public. With grace and movements that you have to see to really appreciate, these young competitors impressed everyone. For more information visit here:

Domick on 12 April, 2010



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