Drive scenic Old Frankfort Pike, Lexington, Kentucky

Scenic Old Frankfort Pike, KentuckyIf you are looking for a scenic drive in the Kentucky area, the Old Frankfort Pike byway is one of the best. There are many beautiful things to admire along the drive, from the beautiful plants and trees to many farms full of thoroughbred horses. There are also many sites to check out along the way, including limestone rock walls and many historic buildings.



One of the best times to view the Old Frankfort Pike byway is during the spring. It is the perfect season to catch the dogwood and redbud along the trip in full bloom. No matter what season you decide to make the drive during, there will be many lovely things to appreciate along the way. This scenic road is also one that's enjoyable on a bike, or a recumbent bicycle like in the photo above. Watch out for traffic though, as it can be heavy at times.

Photo by Mark Stosberg on flickr

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This was a beautiful drive in our 72 MGB. The stone fences and horse and cow pastures were georgeous. We even saw another MGB while we were out. There is a little country store and a nostalgic restaurant on the route.

Rob on 08 May, 2011

I wouldn't say it was "easy to enjoy" by bike. I was almost killed that day by a joy rider in a convertible who sped over a rise only to find me traveling much slower on the other side and had to skid to stop avoid hitting me. "Harrowing" might more aptly describe the memory.

If you are considering biking this scenic route, consider a low traffic time, plan to be highly visible and alert, and prepare to pull over now and then so faster moving traffic can pass.

Mark Stosberg on 02 June, 2010



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