Electric Brae - Gravity Hill, South Ayrshire, Scotland

The Electric Brae, Ayrshire, in Scotland is one of the gravity hills that are located in different places across the world. Gravity hills are are part of a recurring optical illusion in which a slight decline on the hill will look like it is at an incline. This will make the car appear to roll up hill if left in neutral. There is more than one stretch of road known as Electric Brae, but the most famous is on the A719, south of Dunure, not far from Ayr, between Drumshrang and Knoweside.



It was also known as Electric Brae for some time because it was believed that some sort of electrical field, located in the brae or hill itself, was responsible for the strange illusion. It was a popular place during World War II for new U.S. personnel to visit and General Eisenhower was a common sight at the hill. This historic location is just one of the many sights to see while in the Ayrshire area. The area is known as the Poetic Heart of Scotland and is famous for its golf courses.

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The "Electric Brae" is commonly associated with an optical illusion, but I have discovered that there are FOUR volcanic plugs in a line with this weird road.

Slemish in N. Ireland, Ailsa Craig off the coast, Edinburgh Castle and Calton Hill.

What is significant is that the last two plugs are about 400 yards wide, the same width, roughly, as the length of the "Electric brae".

Volcanic plugs emit energies like the spokes of a bicycle wheel, and where they cross, is the place our ancestors placed their ancient burial grounds. Scientists are going to have to take another look at this now!

More info on leys on my site www.ley-man.space

David R. Cowan on 04 December, 2015



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