Find an internet café anywhere in the world

An internet cafe in is a great resource for finding internet access in nearly any country in the world. With 4,208 cafés in 141 countries, the database is quite comprehensive.

It's an easy-to-use website as well, just click on the map for your continent, then click on the country name, and you'll be presented with a list of internet cafés in that country. For example, there are 149 listed in France, 172 in Spain, and even one in Monte Carlo. Korea, where the photo is taken, has just 8 listed though, a very small number for such an online country.

Going one better, has 5,763 listed internet cafés in 161 countries, it's an even bigger database. Here, you simply select whether you're looking in a city, state, or country together with the placename, and you'll quickly get a long list of cybercafés. For example, I tried for my native Sweden, and got 12 hits. Strangely, most were not in the capital Stockholm.



Armed with these two sites, you're sure to locate an internet café wherever you go.

Know of any other sites to find cybercafés? Please leave a comment below.

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Well, you're right

You've got a point. Can still be quite helpful to look up where to find an internet cafe in your next destination or before you leave on your trip.

Jack on 05 April, 2009


One can't help but notice that if you're really in need of an internet cafe, you probably don't have internet access to look up where the nearest one is...

Paul on 04 April, 2009



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