Galle Film Festival, Sri Lanka

On of the most renowned festivals of the film industry is held in a major city of Sri Lanka. Galle is a tropical paradise located at the southern tip of Sri Lanka. This historic coastal city offers old world charm and wonderful cuisine as well as a fort that is one of the UN’s World Heritage sites.



The Galle Film Festival is a five day event occurring in December. The festival brings together audiences, critics, and film makers all with a passion for film making. It offers them a common place for ideas and opinions. They can attend workshops and discussion groups to have their thoughts heard. It also has a grand Gala and film premiers. The festival has an annual a production with its own theme every year.

“Shooting for Change” examines the power of media to affect social change. It takes an in-depth look at the complex challenges of the changing relationship between nature and society. Scenes of this are screened at the festival. The festival also hosts a 10 day children’s camp for underprivileged kids in Sri Lanka. It helps bring together children from different, cultures, religions, and ethnic groups and teaches them peaceful co-existence and leaves them with a bigger picture of the world.

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