Glacier & Mount Revelstone National Parks, Canada

On Mount Revelstoke

Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks are two parks located close to each other in the Canadian Columbia Mountains and linked by the Trans Canadian highway. The terrain is steep, moist and is full of vegetation and a beautiful spot to vacation. Hotels are plentiful in the area of the parks and are reasonable priced.

Mount Revelstoke National Park has breathtaking views from the summit, which over looks the Columbia River Valley. It has various hiking trails that are quite strenuous and suited to the accomplished hiker rather than the novice.

Glacier National Park has over 400 glaciers in and around it. Over 12.5% of the park is covered in ice and snow all the time. This makes the roads very prone to avalanches. Below 4,267 feet there are “Columbia type” rainforest with enormous old western red cedar trees, hemlock firs and the ground is covered in ferns and the densest of undergrowth.



Photo by Marcin Chady on flickr

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