JetAmerica - will it ever fly?

JetAmerica is the budget airline that doesn't seem to take to the air. Based in Clearwater, FL, the airline aims to serve mid-sized U.S. cities that the legacy carriers aren't providing a comprehensive flight schedule for. Originally, flights were to begin on 13 July 2009, serving cities such as Newark, Melbourne, Toledo, and Lansing, among others.

However, the launch date has now been put back to 14 August, and given that they've only got one jet so far, actual flights look uncertain. JetAmerica cited problems securing landing and takeoff slots at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. It's refunding about $500,000 in credit card purchases by more than 6,400 customers.

While flights might be scarce even after 14 August, JetAmerica's pricing takes a hint from Skybus and looks quite attractive: Prices will start at $9 a seat and top out at $199. The $9 price will apply to the first nine to 19 seats on each plane. Passengers will pay $20 to check a bag and $10 for seat assignments. Food, drinks and in-flight TV will also come at a cost. Overall, JetAmerica is offering fares 50 to 70 percent less than other carriers flying similar but indirect routes.



JetAmerica website here.

Let's hope the airline does after all take flight, Southwest and Frontier could use a bit more competition!

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