Live in the UK? Get your European Health Insurance Card today

For anyone living in the UK, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will get you lower cost or free medical care in any of the EU countries as well as Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein. Basically, the card proves you're allowed medical care on the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK and can take advantage of the EU-wide reciprocity agreements that are in place for travelers.



If you're about to travel to another EU country, you really should have this card. Some (if not most, mine surely does) travel insurance policies also require you to have this to pay for your expenses if you have to go to hospital.

You can get your EHIC by either visiting the European Health Insurance Card website or calling 0845 606 2030. It will only take a few days to arrive in the mail once you're signed up. You should make sure all members of your family are signed up to, as they're personal.

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