Quick drying t-shirts from Ex Officio

Quick drying tank top from Ex OfficioEx Officio makes a range of quick drying clothes perfect for backpacking, lightweight travelers, or long term travel. I've covered their quick drying underwear range before, and wanted to highlight their useful t-shirt range.

There's a men's plain t-shirt, the Give-N-Go Stretch Tee Shirt, as well as a women's tank top, the Women's Give-N-Go Moisture-Wick Tank Top. Either cost from $20 to $36, but are well worth the money as they take up almost no room in your bag, and can be washed in less than 5 minutes and dried overnight.

The sizing for both items is on the small side, so if you're used to roomy t-shirts, get a size bigger than normal. This is especially true for the guys, as they do mean 'stretch'. It's a tight-fitting t-shirt, and looks like flattering if you're in great shape.



Highly recommended for anyone that likes traveling light, or will be traveling for weeks or months at a time.

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No designs

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, as they're undershirts mostly) the shirts are all solid colors.

Jack on 03 September, 2009

great concept

this is a very neat idea. Its very frustrating when sweat or water makes you wet when you;re travelling or trekking. It'll be great to get dry faster! If they're lightweight it just adds to the comfort and charm. The cost is a little high, but like you said they are worth it.

Do they have designs or are they all in just plain color?

Benji on 03 September, 2009

Travel With a Few Less Headaches!

This line of quick-drying clothing sounds like it would help to sooth some common traveling headaches. What is perhaps most impressive is how so much space can be saved thanks to the design of this clothing line. The clothes are not bulky, so that leaves some extra space here and there for other items or a smaller bag. Plus, being able to quickly wash and dry the clothes means that more time can be dedicated to the trip and less time doing laundry! I can imagine the clothing line being popular with many travelers, especially the young adult travelers.

Nick Summers on 03 September, 2009



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