The Red Square, Moscow

The Red Square in Moscow

A unique experience is visiting Russia. Get your passport and visa and hop on a plane to Moscow, Russia for a vacation you will never forget. In Moscow you must visit Red Square. The city square separated the Kremlin from the historic merchant quarter known as Kitaigorod. Major streets of Moscow radiate in all directions from the square and lead to major highways outside the city.

Red Square if frequently considered the central square of all of Russia. The Square is 1,100 feet long and 230 feet wide and could accommodate the large military parades of the Soviet era. The name is derived not from the color of the bricks around it but from the Russian word “krasnaya” which means either “red” or “beautiful”. It was meant to serve as Moscos’s main market place.

There are many building around the Square to visit. Take time to visit the Lenin Mausoleum which contains the body of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union. View the elaborate brightly-domed St Basil’s Cathedral and the restored Kazan Cathedral. Spend time and money in the GUM department store.

The northern side of the square is home to the State Historical Museum, whose outline is that of the Kremlin towers. The only sculpture on the square is a bronze statue of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Porzharsky who helped clear Moscow of Polish invaders in 1612.



There are many hotels in every price range for the visitor. Restaurants are plentiful and have every type of food from Russian to Mc Donald’s. Enjoy yourself on a once in a life time trip to Red Square in Moscow, Russia.

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