ReJavanate Coffee Lounge, Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm sorry to say this coffee shop is now closed down.

ReJavanate CoffeeGreat independent coffee shop that's been voted #19 of the ‘100 Best Things of Las Vegas’ by Las Vegas Life Magazine!



ReJavanate serves up a great cappuccino or espresso in eclectic surroundings. Both are highly worthwhile, and while I initially thought the cappuccino a bit timid the flavor really came through after a few sips. The owners say this about their choice of coffee beans: "We tried over a hundred coffees ... But time and again kept coming back to Caffe D'Arte ... A lot of people try it and think it's not that strong ... That's the one thing we learned. People are used to an over-roasted, or burned, coffee (Starbucks). When they taste something that isn't they're surprised."

ReJavanate Coffee in Las VegasAlong with a casual, friendly environment, reJAVAnate also offers free Wi-Fi Internet service and has a computer for customers to use as well. A piano sits in the back corner of the store, along with an acoustic guitar that occasionally gets a strum from a patron.

In the ReJavanate lounges, there are special events almost daily, such as the UNLV students' Jazz Night on Thursdays or scrapbooking on Sundays. Additionally, they carry stock of local authors' books in the stores and do special exhibits of local artists' work.

If there's anything to criticize, it's the lack of food. Some sandwiches or bagels would go down a treat and keep customers in store for longer. They have a great range of pastries, cakes and cookies though. Try the chocolate cake or the raspberry tart for something special.

The coffee lounge was originally located through Delocator, a great resource when you need to find an independent coffee shop.

Directions to ReJAVAnate Coffee

I'm sorry to say this coffee shop is now closed down.

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Looking at the fact it's been closed down, it'd seem they never made a going concern out of the shop unfortunately. Seems lessons learned in a few places then.

Jack on 25 July, 2016

Hercules and John were not the original owners...They purchased the store from me and my partners, and still have not made good on their promised money. Oh well ... lesson learned.

Greg DAvis on 22 July, 2016

I met the original owners, Hercules and John, on one of our first trips to Vegas. My wife liked them so much she ordered them a road sign that said "Rejavanate Rd." that they put up if any of you have seen it. Sorry to see a great little shop go away. We sure need more them!

K. House on 08 July, 2014

Hi Pete

I'm checking on this, not sure what's going on, seems that the website is up but may be out of date.

Jack on 16 June, 2010

I visited today (6/15/2010) and this place is closed down. Store empty, lettering removed from glass windows and door :(

Pete L. on 16 June, 2010



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