The Reversing Falls, New Brunswick, Canada

The Reversing Falls, New Brunswick, Canada

Tourists that are looking for an ocean side destination with character, charm, history, and some of the most amazing scenery in North America, will find everything they are looking for in the maritime province of New Brunswick, Canada. They will also find a particularly intriguing natural phenomena known as the Reversing Falls.

This strange quirk of nature, created by the coastal topography, has fascinated visitors for decades, and is one of the first tourist stops in the area. Produced by the highest tidal rise and fall in the world in the Bay of Fundy, the rapids on the St. John River go through a period where the amount of water being funneled into the river from the Bay actually causes the water to go in reverse. Newcomers to this interesting spectacle are advised to view it twice, once at low tide and once at high tide in order to get the total effect. Fallsview Park and Falls restaurant observation point are considered to be the two best vantage points for viewing this transformation.

Those that want to get even closer to the action of the water and don’t mind getting wet, can take a jet boat ride into the rapids, and white water under the Reversing Falls Railway Bridge in St. John. And, those that are even more adventurous might want to try their hand at navigating the changing tides in a kayak. For those interested in learning more about the area, tours are available that give the visitor a better idea of the history of New Brunswick, further points of interest, and may even include a visit with some local seals.

The Reversing Falls are definitely a must see destination, and a one of a kind, unique work of nature, and well worth the trip.



Photo by Grant MacDonald on flickr

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