The ancient ruins of Leptis Magna, Libya

Ruins at Leptis Magna, Libya

The Leptis Magna Ruins are only 60 miles from Tripoli and are a fascinating place to visit. These Roman and Greek ruins hold a wealth of fascination for those interested in ancient history; those that did not already have an interest in this will surely develop one once they visit this site. What is unique about this place is that it is the most complete ancient city in the world today. There are a range of buildings, and you will want to dwell at each one in turn as you reflect on its history.

So what are these buildings? Right from the start of your visit the scene is impressive as in order to go into the site you go under the Severan Arch, a beautiful and ornate memorial to the emperor’s family. You can then progress to the Roman Hunting Baths, a very famous feature. These baths were on the coast in those times and they have some wonderful murals which were preserved in sand for many years. They have amazingly rich colors which make them a very memorable sight. There are also the Basilica and the temples of Hercules and Roma.

Ruins at Leptis Magna, near Tripoli



You will find the museum particularly interesting as it is here that the Roman artifacts are housed. There are some intricate mosaics and also statues and friezes. The experience of visiting this museum is truly unique; there is so much to see and it will cause you to reflect on how life was in Roman times. Make sure you allow plenty of time for your visit as you will not want to rush away.

Leptis Magna location and hours

Greek & Roman ruins at Leptis Magna
The ruins are approximately 60 miles east of Tripoli, near the town of Khums. The ruins are accessible during daytime, and if you're planning a visit, you can either take a day tour from Tripoli, or stay in Khums overnight and walk to the ruins in the morning.

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