City guide to Tripoli

Introduction to Tripoli

Libya is located in the North Africa. Tripoli is the capital as well as the largest city. It is also the main harbor and a large commercial and manufacturing center

It was founded in the 7th century. Being located on the Mediterranean Sea the summers are hot and dry and the winter cool. The city only has a moderate amount of rainfall.

There are many things to see but you will need a visa to enter the country. Once there visit Green Palace and the People's square. There are the Gurgi and Karamanli mosques where you need to look at the intricate decorations and tile work.

Visit the red palace or as it is otherwise known The Assaraya al-Hamra. It has numerous courtyards and statues and dominates the skyline. While at the castle visit the museum, Jamahiriya which is located there.

Libya also has three gates leading to the old town which is an interesting site. The old city walls are still standing and you can climb them to get a good view of the city.

Visit a bazaar to shop for fine jewelry, gold pieces and traditional clothes.

The food is good in Libya and modestly priced according to western standards. Expect mostly Arabic food though. Don't expect to find a before dinner cocktail or a beer in Libya because alcohol is strictly prohibited. If you buy some on the black market, fines will be stiff.

Women should dress modestly wearing long sleeves and long skirts or pants. This is considered appropriate when shopping or sightseeing. The Libyans take a disliking to people wearing shorts and vests in public.

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