The Silk Road Café, Dublin

The Silk Road Cafe staffThe Silk Road Café in Dublin is a real treat! Located just by the Chester Beatty Library, itself behind Dublin Castle, it's centrally placed and provides good food at reasonable prices. The food is inspired by the Middle East and Asia, with the focus being on Lebanese food. The overall menu has a fusion food feel to it. Portion sizes are generous as well, so feel free to work up a hunger before eating here.

If you're more peckish than famished, the Silk Road Café provides some great Middle Eastern sweets to, and strong flavorful Arabian coffee to go with them.

The drawbacks of this café are the limited opening hours, as they only serve food during the late morning to late lunch slot. Dinner, unfortunately, will be elsewhere. Arguably, the self-service style could be a drawback as well. On the other hand, the food is worlds away from the normal dining hall grub you expect when lining up to get your own meal.

Address and hours for Silk Road Café in Dublin

Silk Road Café
Chester Beatty Library
Dublin Castle
Dublin, Ireland



Phone: +33 1 407 0770

Closed Mondays from October until May
Monday to Friday: 10-16.30
Saturday: 11.00-16.30
Sunday: 13.00-16.30
Food is served from 12.00 till 16.00 each day

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