Statue of wing-walker Charles Lindbergh

Located just off Highway 3 at the Souther Field Airport between Americus and Andersonville, Georgia, you will find a historical marker and a 7’ high bronze statue of Charles Lindbergh performing his daredevil, wing walking stunt. This is the Charles Lindbergh Memorial marking the location of the first solo flight of the “Lone Eagle“. This was the plane Lindbergh flew non-stop New York to Paris four years later - an accomplishment that made aviation history. The statue was sculpted by a gentleman named WG Thompson and erected and dedicated in 1992. Lindbergh was a famous figure in American History, for a number of reasons. He embodied the American spirit by launching his aviation career with very little money and only a few flying lessons.

Of course, in ensuing years, his family made history in America via the infamous Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping. In 1932, 18-month-old Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr. was abducted from the Lindbergh home. His body was found near the family home two months later; however, when it came out in the kidnapper’s trial that the baby had been taken across state lines, Congress was moved to pass the Federal Kidnapping Act, which makes transporting a kidnap victim across state lines a federal offense. This law is commonly known as the Lindbergh Law.

The Lindbergh Memorial stands alone in a fairly barren area. However, when visiting the area or going to or coming from the airport, it’s worth stopping to have a look and a photo op. Within a 15 mile radius of the statue, travelers will find a number of attractions, including The Jimmy Carter Peanut Museum, The Jimmy Carter High School Museum, The Billy Carter Gas Station Museum, The Georgia Rural Telephone Museum, The National Prisoner of War Museum, and Habitat for Humanity’s Slum Theme Park.

Charles Lindbergh Memorial location

Charles Lindbergh Memorial
Airport Rd
Americus, GA



At the entrance to Souther Field Airport. Drive north from Americus on Hwy 49 for about three miles, then turn west on Airport Rd. The statue will be straight ahead.

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