Stazione Centrale di Santa Maria Novelia, Florence, Italy

Rail transportation is very important in Europe and so are the train stations themselves. The Stazione Centrale di Santa Maria Novella in Florence, Italy is no exception. Built in the 1930’s, this station does differ from many of the other European stations however because its architecture was designed to be more modern than the usual Italian stations of the time. The current station takes its name from the fact that it was built outside of the Santa Maria Novella Church. Because it is located centrally in the heart of the city of Florence, passengers are within easy walking distance to all the favorite attractions that the city is famous for. The station itself is open from 6 AM until midnight daily, and those cities most traveled to and from include Milan, Naples, Nice, Pisa, Rome, Siena, and Vienna.



Once passengers disembark in Florence, they can easily walk to some of the most famous points of interest in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance. They will also be close to a wide variety of amenities, such as fine dining, shopping, and the Central Market. Visitors will certainly want to see the famous Statue of David, visit the tombs of Michelangelo and Galileo in the Santa Croce Church, the famous Clock Tower, the National Library, and some of the many fascinating museums. Visitors will also want to take in the scenic flower beds and countryside typical of the Florence landscape. Stazione Centrale di Santa Maria Novella is one of Italy’s finest train stations, located in the heart of one of the nation’s most interesting and historic cities, and visitors will find that travel to this Italian city is convenient and exciting.

Stazione Centrale di Santa Maria Novella location

Stazione Centrale di Santa Maria Novella
Piazza della Stazione
50123 Firenze, Italy

Services between 6 am to midnight

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