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Article roundup

Take the Tube Challenge 07 on 18 May
Most days, using London's Tube system is an ordeal. But during Tube Challenge 07 it is turned into a race course for especially intrepid types.

3 free experiences in London
London is one of the world's most expensive cities and a traveler's budget can seem pitifully small. Here are 3 great things to do for free on a weekend visit.

Travel from London to Paris on Eurostar
My wife and I recently travelled from London to Paris on the Eurostar. We were struck by how much better it was than taking a flight. Here's why you should experience it yourself.



5 sites give 322 tips for eco-friendly travel
Eco-friendly travel is vitally important as we jet about the planet. Here are 5 pages with 322 tips to help you do that.

Freecycle your way to being green
Need furniture for your pad? Get it free by a webswap. Got a spare vacuum cleaner or computer monitor? Give it away to a new home. Cut down on your environmental impact by Freecycling your stuff.

Travel sites in my RSS feed
The writers at are far from the only independent-minded travelers around. Here are a few travel sites that I read on a regular basis.

Airline safety info online
When you are travelling by air, it's nice to find out the safety record of your chosen airline. While the major airlines are pretty safe, what do you know of Kinshasa Airlines?

The English smoking ban begins on 1 July
A 24-hour stay in Central London makes you suck in enough pollution to equal 30 cigarettes. Starting 1 July 2007, smoking will be banned from restaurants, pubs and offices, getting all of us cleaner air.

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