Two Boots Pizza restaurants, New York City

Two Boots Pizza restaurants is one of New York's best pizza parlors. There are many Two Boots located throughout the city so they are very easy to find. Locate one and you are on your way to one of the best tasting pizzas in all of New York.

Each Two Boots restaurant offers a different eating experience. If you can, try and eat at each restaurant in New York even though they all offer the same food, it is the experience that makes each restaurant different from the other. For example, the one found in Brooklyn has a bar in it and also plays live music for the customers. It offers a great atmosphere for both kids and adults.



The kids will love it here because they are treated like kings and the adults will enjoy the beer that they can drink while dining on this fine pizza. Prepare to spend money though if you are planning on feeding an entire family.

The large pizzas run around $21.00 but they are so delicious. They are also quite big so a large pizza will do. So if you happen to be in New York City, look for a Two Boots Pizza restaurant to enjoy some of the finest pizza New York has to offer.

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