Victoria Train Station and Tube, London

Victoria station is a central London railway terminal and London Underground or Tube. The tube would be equivalent to what we call a subway here in the USA. Victoria station and Tube are located in the city of Westminster on Buckingham Palace Road. Contrary to what is thought it is named after Victoria Streeet and not Queen Victoria. It is the second busiest railway terminal in London and includes air terminal passengers traveling by train to Gatwick Airport. Victoria Station has 19 platforms for arrivals and/or departures is used by millions. In 2007 60.2 million used the station’s platforms.

The Underground or Tube has two stations at Victoria on different levels and built 100 years apart. The oldest runs service t the “District” and “circle” lines. This was built by the “cut an Cover “ method. The second station is a deep-level line and serves the Victoria line.



The area around Victoria station has become an important interchange for the local bus station and long distance road coaches

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