Wine Festival, Valleta, Malta

Valletta is a city constructed centuries ago that serves as the capital of Malta, a group of islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. Valletta boasts of Baroque architecture, much of which was constructed in beginning around the 16th century. Velletta has a Mediterranean climate, so the summer days are mild and warm. Even in the winter, the temperature is fairly moderate, with lows averaging only around 50 degrees in January. Such a beautiful climate is a worthy choice for the hosting of an event like the Wine Festival, Valleta, Malta.



The Wine Festival, Valleta, Malta is an internationally recognized event in Malta that allows for the sampling of some of the best European wines in a pleasant atmosphere. It also offers a variety of international foods like chicken masala, sushi, and aged cheeses. In addition, the Wine Festival, Valleta, Malta has live entertainment on a nightly basis. The event occurs at the same time as the Maltese grape harvest, and has become a sampling ground for most of the quality wines produced in the region. The festival began in 2004 and offers visitors an opportunity to experience some of the best wines Malta has to offer while also sampling area arts and music. The festival is designed for wine enthusiasts and neophytes alike, and if you aren’t a wine drinker there is still plenty to enjoy with the music and food available.

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