Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park is located near Springdale, Utah. It covers 229 square miles and holds Zion Canyon which is 15 miles long and about one half mile deep. This canyon cuts deep into reddish and tan colored Navajo Sandstone. The canyon walls are massive and brilliant against the blue sky. The best way to enjoy the canyon is to walk along it’s towering cliffs and try to squeeze through a small narrow canyon”¬¶the park own way of telling you if you need to diet. Zion National Park is one of Utah’s most visited national parks and is well known for its “slot canyons” and towers that are soaring and monoliths and scenic sandstone.

The climate of the part can vary greatly depending on the elevation and if it is day or evening. Temperatures may vary over 30 degrees.

The most primitive section of Zion National park is the Kolob Terrace and Canyons. You can see a Grotto in Zion Canyon, stop by the visitors center and have a picnic at a designated picnic site.There are seven popular hiking trails in the park. Walking along the short walks of Touchstone, Moonlight Buttress and the Prodigal Son are very popular trails.Horseback riding trips and nature walks are also very popular activates. There is a Junior Ranger program for kids ages 6-12 which operates from Memorial Day to Labor Day.



There is lodging available at the park in the Zion Lodge. It is open year round and has motel units and cabin. There is also a restaurant, café and gift shop there.

If camping appeals to you, there are three camp grounds but you will need a permit for camping in the back country. The back country is an amazing place with many opportunities. You need to look at the choices and pick them according to your skill level. If camping you may meet some “critters” such as tarantulas. Don’t panic! The tarantula is basically harmless and gentle but has received a bad rap.

Zion National Park is an amazing and fascinating place to visit and camp on our next vacation.

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