Sicily travel guide

Sicily travel guide

Castellamare de Golfo, Sicily

Sicily the home of Mount Etna, beautiful beaches, wine country, and of course the mafia. This historic island has a long an colorful history before becoming part of Italy. At one point, Sicily was its own kingdom, and more powerful than the Kingdom of England. A large island, that with a few smaller nearby islands, has a total nearly 10,000 square miles. Several Mediterranean cruise lines make this island a normal stop.

Sicily has several good sized cities, including Catania and Palermo, that have good sized airports. International flights are limited to Europe, and there are plenty of domestic Italian flights to Sicily. The island has railways and motorways that connect most of the island. It also has ferry service from the larger cities and cargo ports.

There are many sites to visit in Sicily and it is a food and wine lovers paradise. Castles can be found on different parts of the island and the mountains make for some beautiful views. With so much to offer it is wise to do some research unless you plan on being there for at least a year.

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