Wales travel guide

Wales travel guide

Beaumaris Castle in Wales

Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It is bordered by England on the east side, the Atlantic Ocean and Irish Sea on the west side. It has almost 750 miles of coastline, with over 50 islands off the mainland. The largest of these islands is Anglesey which is connected by two bridges with Wales. The island features sandy beaches and hosts the Anglesey Sea Zoo, a tourist attraction that is an aquarium and is an independent research and marine education center. Among the attractions of the zoo are its conger eels, a shark pool and a kelp forest. It is also known for its rescue center for sick or stranded marine animals. The island is also home to the Beaumaris Castle, the last and largest castle built by King Edward I and some consider it to be the most beautiful. It is surrounded almost entirely by a moat with a beautiful green park. It is often pictured with beautiful swans and ducks swimming in the moat.

The mainland of Wales is often called the “Land of Castles” with approximately 160 castles still left. The castles that are considered “must sees” include: Harlech, Penrhyn, and Conway. Harlech Castle is a magnificent castle built with rock atop a cliff by the Irish Sea. By constructing it in this location, it meant that only the east was open for possible attack. It is located in Gwynedd and is most noted for this massive gatehouse and was built by King Edward I. Penrhyn Castle is a country house located in North Wales in the form of a Norman castle. It was made out of stone and is one of the most admired castles in Wales. Conway Castle is also located on the north coast of Wales and is considered a masterpiece of medieval times. With its eight towers, it is very impressive!

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