Champagne, St. Pancras station, London

Champagne corkThe Champagne Bar in London is not just another bar but an experience that every visitor to England's capital must have. The wild atmosphere, history drenched scenery, and of course the great drinks all make this a spot to visit when in London.

When I visited there it felt like something out of a James Bond movie. Everyone was well dressed, sophisticated, and stylish. While the dress code was strict and it certainly is not cheap, the environment created is like no other bar that I have ever been in.



I got truly wrapped up in the entire scene and stayed until almost 2:00am - probably one of the longest times that I have ever spent in a bar! Highly recommended.

Located in the St Pancras train station it's a great pit stop for a trip to Paris via the Eurostar.

Photo by Samuel Thomas Beech on flickr

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