Dealing with bedbugs

Bed buy nymph feedingAsk any traveler what bugs them the most, and they would say bedbugs, without even batting an eyelid. For 50 years, bedbugs had ceased to be a problem in the USA, but in 2010, they came back. In fact, these bedbugs are such a nuisance that there was a bedbug summit organized in Chicago in which demos were given on how to freeze or even fry these bugs. And these pests are everywhere. In New York City, you can find them in dorms, offices, and even penthouses besides the hotels, of course.

Basically, there is no place that is immune to these creatures. Even if you have a tidy room, it does not mean that it will be bug free.

Even though bedbugs are definitely a problem, but still there is a lot that you can do in order to minimize risk of getting bug bites, or taking these bugs home with you when you return from a trip. A few of these are mentioned here.

Bed bugs on sheet with fecal stainsChoose your hotel with care.

Check out the testimonials before deciding where to stay on a trip. An option is to check out or even

Check your room thoroughly

Once you have checked into your room, search the mattress seams, bedside tables besides others for signs of bugs. If you find them, ask for another room and repeat the same exercise there. Check out the list on on how to steer clear of bedbugs on planes, tents, cars and anywhere else.

Never scratch the itch

In case you are bitten, do not scratch. Wash the bite with clean water. Now apply an anti-itch cream. The bites can appear even after two days of exposure.

Avoid carrying the bedbugs home with you

Keep your suitcase always on a stand while in the hotel room. Also, place it away from the bed. Put all your dirty clothes in a separate sealable bag, especially if you feel that your room was bedbug infested. Also, inform the hotel that the room you stayed in was infested with bedbugs.

Wash clothes well

Bites from bed bugsOnce you are back, wash all your clothes including the ones that you did not wear on the trip. Dry them on 'hot' in order to kill any bugs or bedbugs eggs that may be clinging. Check out this FAQ to know how to get rid of the bedbugs as well as their eggs.

Eliminating bedbugs completely



Bedbugs are not easy to get rid of. This is because they are able to live up to a year without feeding. Besides, they can hide in the tiniest of corners in such a way that pest controllers are just not able to reach them. Hence, you need to call them again and again in order to eliminate bedbugs completely.

You can help by using some of the bed bug products available for consumers on and

A good thing about bedbugs is that they do not transmit any disease. But even then, it is best to get rid of them completely.

Photos by louento.pix (1), Armed Forces Pest Management Board (2), and Magalie L'Abbé (3) on flickr

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