easyJet launches new premium fares

In a move that seems inspired by Southwest Airlines, easyJet has started selling flexible fares that allows travelers to amend their travel plans. For the budget airlines in Europe, this is a definite change in direction and looks like it can benefit a wide range of both business travelers and leisure travelers.

The new offering allows a traveler to change their reservation without cost from a week before, to three week's after the originally scheduled travel date.

The fares from easyJet also includes priority boarding - to avoid the mad cattle rush onboard - and a checked bag.



Fares will start at £99.99, which is significantly higher than easyJet's lowest fares normally, but the flexibility the new fare set allows is certainly much better than other European airlines give at this price. It doesn't quite match Southwest Airlines fully re-bookable fares, but it's certainly a step in the right direction.

These flexible fares from easyJet aren't yet available via their own website, but can be booked now from the global distribution systems and through travel management companies and corporate self-booking tools. They'll also come to the website, but it's not quite scheduled yet.

EasyJet UK general manager Paul Simmons said: “Our flexible fare has been welcomed by TMCs and business travellers. It means business passengers are not committed to their original flight and can easily amend their booking without any unnecessary hassle and cost.”

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