Family friendly Tenerife attractions

A black sand beach in Tenerife

The summer’s over here in England, but by heading south to Tenerife we’ve still got some time to get away with the kids. This, the largest island in the Canaries, is a great fun park for families, with miles of great beaches, soaring mountains, quaint villages, theme parks… and much more. So book your flights now and visit Tenerife with the kids.

Monkey Park

This breeding centre for animals that need to be protected from extinction is located in the southern part of Tenerife, near the tourist hotspots for Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. The park is privately owned, and its purpose is clearly to care for endangered animals.

Because of this, Monkey Park doesn’t put on shows for the tourists. On a visit you and the children can learn all about the animals’ real lives and how they react in a natural setting.

Aqualand Costa Adeje

Have some family fun at this large water park. Sporting the world’s most impressive dolphin show, everyone in the family is going to come away impressed by what these magnificent animals can do.

Aqualand Costa Adeje is near Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas on the south cost of Tenerife, so very convenient for a day trip from some of the best beaches on the island.

After the dolphin show, explore the variety of water slides, rides, and pools too.

Black sands at Playa Jardin

This garden beach is about more than just sea and sand, as there are also beautiful gardens to enjoy. Located at the edge of the city, this mile-long black sand beach is popular with locals and tourists alike.



It’s a social meeting spot for the residents on Puerto de la Cruz. When the evening rolls around, there are a great selection of restaurants to fill the bellies after the whole family got their portion of beautiful sunshine.

Playa del Duque

A more traditional beach on Costa Adeje, this popular, calm and safe beach is a favourite in the area. Nearby, some of the island’s five-star hotels are overlooking the tranquil sea, and brings up prices a little bit compared to other areas. You’ll find great shopping here too.

But the sandy beach is beautiful and very relaxing, and the kids can play in the surf while mum and dad gets pampered on rented beach chairs and waitered bar service.

Teide mountain

For something more adventurous, but still fun for the kids, explore the massive Mount Teide. This, now quiet, volcano dominates the central part of the island, reaching a huge 3,178 metres from sea level.

The Teide National Park, on top of the mountain, is a beautiful nature reserve popular with walkers and nature lovers. To reach the actual top, catch the Mount Teide Cable Car (the “Telesforo Bravo”) from the lower station at La Rambleta. However, remember you need to apply for a permit before visiting the top.

If your planning powers don’t quite go that far, you can visit the lookout points at La Fortaleza or Pico Viejo without any restrictions.

A Tenerife Dolphin and Whale tour

For further adventure, get out on the waves in a boat to view the dolphin and whales that visit the waters around the island. You’ll go out on a small boat, often a catamaran, and have the chance to view these fascinating animals in the wild.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed when it comes to spotting wildlife, but in any case you’ll have a fantastic time out at sea. This activity is best reserved for older children.

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