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A beach in IndiaMy infrequent collection of travel-related links returns after a 10 month break. I'm not promising that this will be a very frequent feature from now on either, but it will pop up now and then. If you have any posts you'd like included, please go ahead and email me at

Tim Leffel just published his The Cheapest Places to Live, 2009 post. So, if you're planning to quit the rat race permanently and move to somewhere cheaper, sunnier, and more relaxed, check out the post.



Wanderlust & Lipstick ran a travel writing competition a while back. The winner in the Solo Travel category, Antonio Sanchez, writes about the Anatomy of a Bribe from when he spent some time in Russia.

Good news for anyone that takes pictures while traveling: A new battery type fuelled by air promises to provide up to 10 times the power current batteries do. It would also be cheaper than current batteries and is also more eco-friendly. Unfortunately, it looks to be at least 5 years before these batteries are commercially available.

Mary Jo Manzanares writes about pet friendly budget hotels over at Sounds like traveling with a dog isn't as hard as I thought it is. A great resource for those of you that own dogs or cats and don't want to leave them with a kennel while on vacation.

eTurboNews reports that US travel will decrease by 8 percent in 2009. However, it looks like there'll be a 3% rebound in 2010, which is really good news amid all the doom mongering going around right now.

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