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It's been all about air fares lately. With the weather being its worst self for most of March, I wrote three articles on getting cheaper air fares. And cinema tickets, learning Swedish, online travel tools, being an ex-pat and staying healthy in Mexico.

The new articles

3 healthy Mexican travel tips
It's easy to get ill while travelling around Mexico. The bacteria is different and the food is very spicy. Here are three tips to stay healthy while visiting Mexico.

5 basic travel tools (x2)
Travel planning takes time and lots of it. These five tools and options let you quickly find maps, currency exchange rates, somewhere to sleep, the local time and save your photos.

American Ex-Pat in London
Pros and cons... specific to an American ex-pat's experience in London.

The luxury second class traveller
Did you think that paying $800 a night for your room would get you the best service at your luxury hotel? Think again, you may end up treated as a second class traveller anyway.

Learning about Swedish culture and language
For our upcoming trip to Sweden, my wife Lauri is reading up on the peculiarities of Swedish culture and the language. She's found some interesting articles and I thought to share them with the rest of you.

Cheaper tickets with air travel consolidators
The internet offers travellers many sites to find the cheapest airfares. Air travel consolidators let travellers compare flight prices and find the absolutely best price available for air travel. Also get the 411 on travel consolidator tickets and find out about the major online travel consolidators.

See films cheaply at Prince Charles Cinema, London
For London film buffs on a budget, there's only one choice: the excellent Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square. With famously low prices starting from as little as £1.50 it shows a rotating program of cult, arthouse, and classic films alongside the best of recent hollywood releases.

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I'm currently working on a very useful Pre travel check list, which will make sure you are completely prepared to take on any travel challenge. Then Lauri and I are off to Paris, watch out for an article on romantic Paris places. We'll be going by Eurostar rather than flying.

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