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My own worst flight

Some of the stories on the site are really, really horrible, such as a17-hour flight from hell or the story re-told below. My own worst flight isn't quite that bad but involved screaming babies, near-misses, and widespread incompetence.

Last fall I went to Mexico following a friend's wedding in Chicago. While I'd booked on American Airlines, the flight was operated by Mexicana, which wasn't a good start. I show up at O'Hare airport well in time for my departure time, hike up to the Mexicana check-in desk, and am promptly told I've been re-booked on another flight later that day without them telling me. Apparently, because my phone number didn't work. Now, as I'm using a UK cell phone, their data system didn't take all the digits. It's only set up to accept US phone numbers, so only up to ten digits!

This all mean arriving to Mexico City 6 hours later than expected and missing a full day's holiday.

On the way back, Mexicana announces the wrong departure gate from the Mexico City airport, making me miss my flight. This means having to pass back in through immigrations in Mexico, argue with first the check-in agent (1.5 hr queue mind...) and then the ticket sales department for about an hour in total. Because of their mistake, they wanted another $175 from me. After causing an allmighty stink, I got booked on another flight later on that day.

Leaving me a 70 minute layover in Chicago to catch my O'Hare to Heathrow flight! And 4 more hours spent at the Mexico City airport.



The only good things coming out of this sorry spectacle was that I ran into my friends, yes, the newly married couple from Chicago (!) at the airport a little before my flight was to board. And that I actually made the connection at O'Hare, with my bag.

The lesson is - stay away from Mexicana!

Here's a real horror story though:

Dear Fellow Passenger

"I don't usually mind the kids on the flights with me. I've traveled with my baby sister before, and I know that kids are unpredictable and can be difficult. Heck, *I* don't particularly like 13 hour flights, it must be brutal when you're 4. But, most parents do their best to keep their kids entertained. They bring toys -- like you did. Except, most people don't bring a f*cking laser gun, with lights and beepy noises on a THIRTEEN HOUR OVERNIGHT FLIGHT. You selfish f*cking c*nt. Thank you for ignoring the other 200 or so passengers who'd like to get some sleep by giving your child a noisy toy with flashing lights. I was sitting across from you, and you know what? This was my SECOND thirteen hour flight of the day. Plus a 2 hour flight the day before. I really could have used some sleep. And the only time I got to sleep was when your kid slept. On the floor. So that when the seatbelt light came on, you had to wake her up. And give her the noisy toy again. Thank you so very, very much. I hate you and everything you stand for."

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