National Museum of Patriotism, Atlanta, GA

The National Museum of PatriotismWhat a great way to celebrate the people and events that have made our great country proud. The National Museum of Patriotism in Atlanta showcases people from all walks of life and from all cultures who have acted selflessly and sometimes tirelessly to preserve our way of life.



This is a great place to visit if you have growing children who you would like to teach about the history of our nation or who are themselves showing a curiosity towards finding out more about the land of their forefathers. From iconic sights and sounds that have shaped the nature of freedom to the memories of the great people in the services as well as from all walks of life who have sometimes sacrificed their lives for their country and its people. You cannot walk into this museum without being touched by the sights and memories of their courage and steadfastness. And you absolutely won't be able to walk out of it without being transformed in some way or other.

The museum is open on all days, however the middle of the week is ideal if you want to avoid the crowds and would prefer to enjoy it more in a tranquil and quiet environment.

National Museum of Patriotism address

National Museum of Patriotism
1927 Piedmont Circle Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30324

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