The Nile River, Egypt

Views along the Nile River

You know those mummies you see in old horror movies or at museums around the world? Imagine life without them? Okay, that's probably pretty easy to do. But here's something you probably can't imagine life without – paper, embalming, an organized trading system, calendars, perhaps even graphic representations of words (i.e. letters and words).



The ancient Egyptians were the cradle of civilization. While much of the rest of the world was still huddling around fires and sharpening sticks, the pharoahs were using advanced astronomical data to build massive burial tombs for themselves that still stand today – the pyramids. Without the Nile River, Egypt would have never blossomed and the world would no doubt be a very different place today.

In visiting the Nile, you have an abundance of choices of how you wish to see the longest river in the world. There are pleasure cruises, ones that will take you within eyeshot of the famed pyramids at Giza. For those who want a more intimate tour, there are private boat rentals and guided tours available. Of course, the banks itself are free. One can explore the many sandbanks on foot and be very near to the ancient Thebes and Memphis. The most common mode of transportation is a Felucca – a sort of one-mast, wind-powered craft. No matter what you chose, you will certainly never forgot that you are sitting, riding or walking on the most important natural wonder in the world – the one that made civilization possible.

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